The Angst of Diminishing Superficial Beauty When I was 22, I sat across the table from a San Diego County Healthcare Worker who told me I had 6 to 18 months to live. That’s what they told newly diagnosed HIV positive men in 1987. It seemed that getting old was not a state of being [...]

TRIBE Thoughts Once the room is organized and a sign is posted on the sliding glass entry door inviting men to “come in”, the room we meet in for the monthly TRIBE Gay Men’s Discussion Group always feels to me like sacred space. We come in from the common world, a culture that generally is [...]

This is my answer to a question posted on the TRIBE - WeHo Gay Men's Discussion Group facebook page. "If condoms are only 70% effective at preventing the spread of HIV, and less that 17% of men who have sex with men are using condoms every time, where do we go from here?" Putting the Nail in the [...]

Facebook Shuts Down Barebacking Page My contribution to a facebook disucssion in the TRIBE - WeHo Gay Men's Discussion Group. Are we talking about public health here or our inability to talk about sex? To me, this is just another example of American’s fear of sexual content and homophobia from both gay and non-gay people. [...]